SYLENTMITE – Official UK Distributor

Sylentmite UK DistributorSYLENTMITE, an environmentally friendly, mortar product for breaking ANY type of rock, marble, flagstone, limestone, granite and reinforced concrete in about 90 minutes depending on ambient temperature.

Sylentmite is:
Safe and environmentally friendly
Non explosive
Non flammable
No noise or vibrations
No special training
No flying rocks or toxic vapors
Non impact
No heavy equipment or licenses
Clean, efficient, and cost effective

How can SYLENTMITE work for you?

  • Demolition and concrete breaking
  • Demolition of reinforced concrete, foundations for machinery, piers, bridges, beams, retaining walls, & pillars
  • Partial demolition of concrete structures
  • Foundation & slab demolition
  • In-ground concrete pool demolition
  • Excavating and Mining
  • Breaking boulders
  • Slab and road breaking for road expansion
  • Stone, marble & granite breaking and quarrying
  • Controlled breaking to reduce waste.