About us

CRS, the exclusive UK, Ireland and Spanish distributor of Sylentmite; the fastest, most powerful non-explosive demolition agent for breaking rock or concrete. Sylentmite is the latest advancement in non-explosive demolition agents on the market.

It is safe, environmentally friendly, non toxic and simple to use. See the results in hours! Not days. Some of the applications include; controlled demolition, concrete cutting, excavating, rock breaking, stone quarrying, and mining.

Launched in the UK in May 2009, and based in Whitstable, Kent, we pride ourselves in providing the most advanced revolutionary products for breaking any type of rock and concrete while supplying best practice customer service and support. We will provide Sylentmite through our network of regional distributors and directly through our website. Through our network we are able to provide Sylentmite products in a timely, economical and reliable manner.

With the increased construction regulations prohibiting blasting, increasing the timeframe for certification and the like, Sylentmite provides the perfect solution with its silent operation.  Sylentmite is a perfect solution where it may be difficult to get heavy machinery or there is limited access to the site. Sylentmite provides controlled demolition according to the pattern of holes drilled into desired size and shape and easily without noise, dust or vibration. Sylentmite reduces labor costs, saves time and increases safety. We also provide methodology statements for larger requirments.

Other breaking compounds  have been on the market for many years but their use has traditionally been limited by fears of leaving such potentially destructive materials unsupervised overnight and by the demolition industry’s seemingly insatiable appetite for productivity. But at a time when clients are becoming ever more sensitive to dust and vibration emissions, Sylentmite’s time may have come at last.” Source: Demolition Association


  • No Licenses
  • No Permits
  • No Special Training
  • Non toxic
  • No Flying Debris
  • No Noise
  • No Vibrations
  • No Transportation Restrictions
  • No Dust
    AND – Environmentally Friendly!!